Short prehistory

The fellowship of Slavic Churches of Washington State has been organized in 1998, with church pastors agreeing that churches will develop on their own and can decide to join any of the Slavic unions while preserving unity in the State based on God’s love and mutual respect.


Purpose and Structure of the Fellowship of Slavic Churches of Washington State

The EFCF develops various ministries in the State of Washington, such as: Evangelism and Missionary work as well as Children’s, Teenage and Youth ministries. Have a statewide center of Christian education. Organizes pastors’ conferences and seminars together, as well as statewide conferences and holiday services. The leaders and pastors’ committee of the state are appointed every four years. With pastors’ agreement, EFCF serves their churches in spiritual needs and organizes various statewide services.


Development of the Relationship

In 1999 the leaders of Washington State have been active participants in the establishment of the Union of ECF of America (West) while preserving the unity within the state. Currently, a significant percentage of the churches are part of and are developing their relationship with Church of Evangelical Faith Christians of America, some churches belong to other Slavic unions, and some are only a part of Evangelical Faith Christian’s Fellowship of the State of Washington.

All these years, the bishop of Washington State has been the assistant of the bishop of the Church of Evangelical Faith Christians of America in the region and a member of the leadership team. He represents all churches of the state, and during his absence, the needs of the state are taken over by his assistant or one of the current members of the leadership team that he delegates.


Plans for the Future

Evangelical Faith Christian’s Fellowship of the State of Washington continues to develop the relationship with the Church of Evangelical Faith Christians of America while reserving the right to develop relationships with other Slavic unions and achieve cooperation and good relations with different churches within the state and in other regions.


Goals Achieved

During this time period, God helped us achieve peace, love, mutual respect and close cooperation in our region. We have organized a statewide ministry and have a friendly group of pastors and close cooperation with many churches.

The state committee includes leadership, regional pastors and those in charge of the following departments: Evangelism, Missionary Work, Children’s and Teenage Ministry, Youth Ministry, Education, and the secretary of the Committee.

We wholeheartedly work to strengthen the unity in the state of Washington as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ: “…that they may be one” (John 17:21) “Love must be sincere.” (Rom. 12:9)